Facts and history of the publishing house

Each year Haase Forlag publishes about twenty titles, mainly school textbooks and non fiction.

Haase Forlag was founded on January 1st 1877, when Gyldendal sold its book shop in Klareboderne to its then managers, Daniel Emil Lehmann and Carl Sechmann Stage. Twenty years later the company moved to the recently acquired property at Løvstræde, where it remains to this day.

In 1911, Poul Peter Melbye Haase became a joint owner of the company. When, in 1921, he took his son, Ejnar Haase, into partnership, the company name was changed to Haase & Søn. In 1959, the company was carried on by Ejnar Haase’s son, Niels Jørgen Haase. On May 1st 1996, the fourth generation, represented by Michael Haase, took over management.

From the very beginning, Haase was a bookshop, but it was not long before Lehmann & Stage also started up in publishing, mainly commission publications and educational books. From 1896, the company received a commission for hymn books for Det kgl. Vajsenhus (The Danish society authorised to produce hymn books) and bibles for Det danske Bibelselskab (The Danish Bible Society). The company produced and sold hymn books and bibles in Denmark up until the early 1980s. In Ejnar Haase’s days the company’s activity was extended to include a great many fictional publications.

In 1993, the book retail operations were sold off, and since then the company has concentrated on the publishing business.

In 1996 Michael Haase became director of the company. In the following years the focus has been on educational and non fiction books.

After five years of development work, in 2008, the educational system in five volumes “Tre Religioner” (Three religions) was awarded the title 'Best educational system of the year', an annual competition issued by the Danish Ministry of Children and Education.

Since 2010 Haase Forlag has published e-books and i-books and continued to work diligently to keep up with developments in the digital area.

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